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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Photographing Wedding Ceremony

When deciding on the wedding venue where you will be getting married, also consider the venue’s policy on wedding photography.

For instance, some places of worship do not allow wedding photography during parts of the wedding ceremony or not all. Register offices do not allow the actual photographing of the register but will allow you to mock up the wedding photographs afterwards on a blank page.

This reasoning behind this is not to distract the bride and groom from concentrating on their wedding vows, which is also a legally binding contract. Some places may be sacred and wedding photography is not permitted.

And nobody wants a blast of direct flash right in their eyes every five minutes.

Client negotiation with the officials for moderation of wedding photography guidelines may result in individual concessions, providing the wedding photographer can be placed somewhere discretely, not move around much or use flash. So it is always worth discussing this with the venue in advance.

However, if the venue will not relax their wedding photography policy, the wedding photographer is limited by the guidelines of ceremony official or reception site management. The bride and groom agrees to accept the technical results of the wedding venue imposition on the wedding photographer and the resulting wedding photographs.


Urban Bridesmaid Photography... is a new concept in contemporary wedding photography, with a mission to provide photographs with personality, in London, UK and beyond.



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