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Friday, 23 May 2008

Signing the Marriage Register

I have been reading articles from the Daily Mail and British Journal of Photography about Home Office plans about not allowing wedding photographers to photograph the signing of the register, as it could invade privacy of other brides and be a source of identity theft.

Now it has always been the case that some registrars when you are on a wedding photography commission ask you not to photograph the actual signing of the register and flip the book over to a blank page and the couple pose with a dummy pen, and that's ok. Sometimes you can photograph the actual signing and that is ok too.

However, a few points...

Most of this information in the register can be found online
Who ever uses their signature much these days, with chip and pin cards?
Who is going to see your wedding photographs outside of family and friends mostly?
What identity theft thief is going to send time and energy to train to become a wedding photographer so they can steal your details?
What about videographers videoing?

So if you are getting married soon, please be aware of these new restrictions (which are not really new at all really).


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