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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fixing broken 580ex II hotshoe

Recently I broke the hotshoe of my Canon 580 ex II on a photoshoot, when it took the brunt of a fall.

Broken 580ex II hotshoe

However it can be easily fixed.

The replacement part CY2-4220 is easily ordered from the US and arrives to the UK in around 7 days.

The part can be replaced by unscrewing the old part with a jewellers' screwdriver, unplugging the connector linking the foot to the main body of the flash and replacing with the new and re-screwing.

I found these resources to fixing your 580ex II hotshoe yourself very helpful.




Voila good as new!

If you don't feel like fixing the part yourself, you can take it to Fixation for an onsite-while you wait-fix, but it will cost you around £50+VAT including parts & labour.

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