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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wedding Photography Licences for Parks

If your wedding venue is not located in the midst of beautiful landscaped grounds, many brides and grooms have chosen to have their formal wedding shots in a local park.

Some London parks require a licence to be purchased by the wedding photographer on behalf of the bride & groom to take wedding photography. The licence fee can range in cost from £50+VAT. The fee usually goes towards the upkeep of the grounds.

Here are a list of parks that require a licence.

The Royal Parks including:

  1. Bushy Park (with the Longford River)
  2. The Green Park
  3. Greenwich Park
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Kensington Gardens
  6. The Regent's Park (with Primrose Hill)
  7. Richmond Park
  8. St James's Park

Other Venues

  1. Horniman Museum
  2. Queen's House, Greenwich

Photography has been banned in the Museum since 1996. The ban includes photography and video cameras in the National Maritime Museum (NMM), Queen's House and Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG). Members of the public are permitted to take non-commercial photography (i.e. snap shots) within the Museum grounds, and from March 2007, within the Neptune Court and Streets area of the main Museum. Photography is permitted strictly without the use of a tripod.

  1. London Underground

Permits for photography in a London Underground Station (ideal for a trash the dress session!) range from £300 up to £1000 + VAT. Flash photography is not permitted.

Will keep this list updated as and when.

If you know a park/place that requires a licence please feel free to add to the comments box.

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Lucky Red Hen 22 December 2007 at 01:00  

Paying fees is NO fun and I like your photo post :o) Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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